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Study shows that using your phone at dinner makes us unhappy

Based on research compiled by Elizabeth Dunn and Ryan Dwyer, from the University of Columbia in Canada, phone use during meals lead to a noticeable decrease in enjoyment.

Thier research was published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and will be featured in the Society for Personality and Social Psychology yearly convention.

Technology use during meals causes people to feel more distracted and less socially engaged. Furthermore, phone use tends to have a domino effect; looking at your phone during a meal can be contagious because people are more likely to use their phones when others are doing the same.

Ryan Dwyer gives some advice on kicking a technology addiction: “Have a rule that if you’re going to go out to dinner with some friends or family members, you’ll put your phone on silent and leave it off the table. Try to stick to these rules so you can form new habits.”


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