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Ten Restaurants that give back with Fundraiser nights

It’s no secret that we all love eating out at restaurants. But, it might be a ~secret~ that many restaurants offer special fundraising nights for non-profit organizations. For most of the following restaurants, all you have to do is sign up online, submit a W-9 for a charity, and get ready to EAT. 

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I’ll toast to that!

Potbelly Sandwich Shop

Potbelly is a super yummy sandwich shop that offers an awesome ~Mediterranean~ veggie club and to-die-for Broccoli Cheddar soup.

Pair up. Skinny pairs are going like, well, hotcakes.

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Schedule a fundraiser with them and they’ll give back 25{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86} of the proceeds to your organization. They also offer silent auctions and raffles.

Panda Express

Panda express is hands down one of the BEST places to get delicious Chinese food. Might I recommend their veggie spring rolls?

#BigGame, big order. #OrangeChickenLove #BroccoliBeef #FriedRice

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A fundraiser with Panda Express includes 20{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86} back to your school, club, or organization.

Jamba Juice

Nothing hits the spot like a fruit & veggie filled smoothie! Jamba Juice offers a few ~cool~ (get it, like COLD smoothies…okay it was a stretch, I know) deals for you.

The Jamba Juice BOGO fundraising card comes preloaded with a “but one get one free deal”. They also host fundraisers that they deliver to your door! Jamba Juice catering for charity will give you a percentage of the sales, and you don’t even have to have a kitchen – they’ll bring the juice to you!


If you want the classic ~American Diner~ experience, then look no further than your local Friendly’s. Their mint chocolate chip ice cream is still my favorite to this day!

A ‘Friendly’s FUNrasier’ event is super easy to plan. You fill out an application, receive your personalized vouchers, and get ready to enjoy french fries and milkshakes with your organization.


If you’re like this kid and just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chipotle, have I got a deal for you.

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Chipotle offers in-restaurant fundraisers, in-kind donations, and reading rewards for libraries and schools. For more information on if your organization qualifies for a partnership with Chipotle, click here.

So go ahead, order a burrito with rice AND guac.


Chili’s was a STAPLE of my early teenage years. I spent many nights taking advantage of their incredible two for $20 deal. The Texas Cheese Fries fries are without a doubt the best appetizer.

Spring break vibes but first, we queso. ? @terenmabry

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Chili’s offers “Give Back Nights”, which can be scheduled by your organization in advance. They usually take place on Tuesday or Wednesday nights and last three hours. 10{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86} of all proceeds will go back to your charity.

California Pizza Kitchen

I mean, who DOESN’T love a great ~crispy~ crust pizza? California Pizza Kitchen just so happens to specialize in tasty thin crust pizza with fun & jazzy toppings.

Fundraisers with California Pizza Kitchen are super easy to set up AND they’ll give back 20{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86} of the sales generated by your event. So it’s a WIN-WIN.

Buffalo Wild Wings

There is no better place to grab a beer and hot wings while watching the game then the famous, Buffalo Wild Wings.

On Tuesdays, we eat 3.14159 & drink ? #PiDay

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Their “Eat Wings, Raise Funds” program has raised more than $1 million for local organizations that assist youth and families in need. “Home Team Advantage” is another way that your team can earn funds to benefit your program.

Blaze Pizza

I absolutely adore ~make your own~ pizza places!! Especially when they offer tons of great options such as vegan cheese and gluten-free dough.

Not only will Blaze Pizza make personalized flyers AND posters for your organization to advertise for your event, but they will also give back 20{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86}. Awesome, right?

Click here to learn more.

Panera Bread

The “You Pick Two” meal options at Panera honestly blow my mind. My order is a cup of Broccoli Cheddar soup and the Greek Goddess salad (and of course a baguette on the side).


Panera Fundraising will promote your event with ~customized~ flyers and they will donate 20{4b67ba8b923a50fd3c2d318c36d85df0f722be16ef3877469216aec8196f2e86} of the events proceeds back.

brb gonna go order a BREAD BOWL.


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