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In wake of Parkland shooting, Dick’s Sporting Goods bans their sale of assault rifles

Dick’s Sporting Goods has taken a stand against gun violence after the deadly Florida shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School. The popular Pittsburgh based company will no longer sell assault-style weapons or high capacity magazines from it’s brands. Dick’s is also raising it’s minimum age for gun purchase from 18 to 21.

CEO and Chairman Ed Stack explains the reasoning behind the company’s decision: “To think about the loss and the grief that those kids and those parents had, we said, ‘We need to do something”.

This is not the first time that Dick’s has taken a stand against gun violence. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in December of 2012, the company pulled AR-15 style rifles from its stores.

Stacks notes that he hopes other gun-retailers will join in on the fight against gun violence in an effort to “let our kids know that their pleas are being taken seriously”.


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