16 Show Tunes That Will Make You Cry

Sherilyn DeNucci

Musical theatre is the genre to go to if you want to experience the fullness of the human experience. Broadway songs perfectly capture every emotion ever felt by humankind. These songs, whether due to their lyrics or melodies, are just some that will definitely make you cry. Songs are not listed in any particular order. Obviously, spoilers are ahead!

2“Safer” from First Date

The Story: Casey shares with her blind date Aaron the story of her life. She’s been let down and broken by everyone who’s ever entered her life, so she constantly keeps up her guard and refuses to let anybody in.

Saddest Line: “When it seems there is no one across this whole earth / To depend upon, you carry on / Just like you always do / ‘Cause it’s safer to rely on you”

Honorable Mentions from First Date: “The Things I Never Said”