16 Show Tunes That Will Make You Cry


Musical theatre is the genre to go to if you want to experience the fullness of the human experience. Broadway songs perfectly capture every emotion ever felt by humankind. These songs, whether due to their lyrics or melodies, are just some that will definitely make you cry. Songs are not listed in any particular order. Obviously, spoilers are ahead!

1“I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” from Rent

The Story: Collins’ cross-dressing boyfriend Angel has just passed away from AIDS, a disease Collins also suffers from. He sings a tearful reprise of the words they sang to one another when things were a bit more hopeful.

Saddest Line: “When you’re cold and you’re lonely / You’ve got one nickel only / When you’re worn out and you’re tired / When your heart has expired”

Honorable Mentions from Rent: “Without You,” “Your Eyes”