9 Seriously Addictive (And Free!) Apps


Whether you’re looking for a fun trivia challenge, a can’t-stop-playing-it game, or just something to unwind with, these apps are sure to satisfy your app-etite. And, best of all, they’re free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play!

2Family Feud 2

How to Play: Just like the game show of the same name. Family Feud 2 gives you a prompt, usually starting with “Name something…” Then, you have three strikes to guess as many of the answers as you can. You can play against friends or against “random players” (which are basically the computer).

Personal Review: Very fun game, but some of the answers are a bit ridiculous. Usually, though, the answer you’re looking for shows up after you type in a few characters, so you can find answers to a question you’re stumped on after a few tries of typing in random characters. 7/10.