Boston bans plastic bags


By Liat Graf

According to The Boston Globe, Boston joined 59 other municipalities in Massachusetts, as well as hundreds across the United states, in adopting a ban. Mayor Martin J. Walsh said on Sunday that he signed a measure which bans single-use plastic bags in the city. The ban, which will take effect next December, will give customers and businesses time to prepare for the change.

“In theory, it’s great for the environment. There’s no question about that,” Mayor Walsh said Sunday.

Those who opposed the decision included representatives of the paper and plastic industries, the Retailers Association of Massachusetts, and critics concerned for the poor.

The Boston Globe spoke to Dorchester resident Carmen Osorio, 53, who said, “I worked all my life, and I think it’s not fair…Not everybody [who] goes to do grocery shopping is rich.”

The ban is meant to encourage shoppers to begin using reusable bags. If they do not, they will have to pay a 5-cent fee for a compostable plastic bag or a paper bag with handles. Stores will receive the fees in hopes that it will assist with the cost of pricier bags.