Internet strangers send dog his favorite (discontinued) toy


Kelli Brown of Bowling Green, Kentucky, was heartbroken when she learned that PetSmart was discontinuing her dog’s favorite toy.

Her dog, Jaxon the chihuahua, will only play with a small green alligator plush toy, reports Inside Edition. Indeed, Brown has been replacing the toy for years after Jaxon and her other dog chewed them up. However, after a recent trip to PetSmart, Brown discovered that Jaxon’s favorite alligator toy was discontinued.

As anyone would in the year 2018, Brown took to Twitter. She pleaded for anyone with the toy lying around to send it to her. In response, a PetSmart employee in Texas found eight of the toy in the clearance bin.

“I was super excited that she found any at all,” Brown commented. “I couldn’t believe it. Hopefully we can’t go through all of those in his lifetime.”