The Perfect (CUTE) Eco-Friendly Outfit


There’s nothing I love more than a good outfit. I’m talking the kind of outfit you put on that makes you feel like you could RULE the world. The only thing that could make this stellar outfit better? Knowing that all the pieces are ECO-FRIENDLY!


Let’s work from the bottom up, shall we?

We are starting with a pair of ~chic~ shoes from Allbirds, a cruelty-free company that makes shoes from ZQ-Certified merino wool.

Allbirds describes their sneakers as “soft, lightweight, and breathable”.

I think they forget to mention CRAZY STYLISH!

Something along those lines. ?: @mindbodygreen #weareallbirds

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I am a fanatic for cute socks, so I was pretty PUMPED to find eco-friendly socks that are both affordable and adorable.

High-key OBSESSED with these tree-patterned socks from Recover.

Recover creates environmentally friendly products including sweatshirts, tee-shirts, beanies, and of course, socks. Their mission is educate and inspire for a sustainable tomorrow.

Cool, huh?

I don’t know about you but I live, breathe, and sometimes even SLEEP in jeans. So for me, comfort in a pair of blue jeans is of the utmost importance.

I came across these stunners from Bluer Denim and needless to say, I am in love. Bluer Denim jeans are cut, sewn, washed and hand-finished in Los Angeles using an eco-friendly ozone laundry processes.

Gotta love a good dark-wash jean.

Bluer Monday to you! #bluerdenim #selvedge #madeinamerica #indigo

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Not only are these shirts (and all their other awesome products) from Alternative Apparel mega-comfy and fun, but they are also made from eco-friendly and organic fabrics.

So it’s a win, win!

To finish off this earth-loving look, let’s add a ~jazzy~ jacket.

I’m all into this fuzzy jacket trend, so this coat from Reformation seemed like the perfect way to complete our eco-friendly LOOK. While the brand is a little more on the *pricey* side, they promise to source sustainable fabrics and vintage garments that have far less of an environmental impact as conventional fashion brands.

Not to mention that their clothes are wildly fashion forward and effortlessly cool. 

Designed for all you ladies who are 5’4 and under. #dontcallmecute

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BRB while I rush deliver all these products…

Happy (eco-friendly) shopping!