Top 10 Saddest Harry Potter Deaths


All three of the people in the world who have never read the Harry Potter series probably view it as a cutesy, childish series of whimsical adventure. However, seasoned Potterheads will tell them how mistaken they are. Tragedy is more common than uncommon starting in the fourth book, and many of the characters that we’d grown to know and love began to die. Though there are too many deaths to count in the series, these ten definitely stick out as the ten saddest. (Note: This is super subjective.)

10Alastor Moody

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The Mad-Eye Moody that we met in Goblet of Fire, unfortunately, was a sham. For this reason, we didn’t really have a whole lot of time to get to know the actual Mad-Eye Moody. He was a minor character without a ton of prominence, but his dedication to the Order of the Phoenix made his death a sad one.