8 Reasons Hagrid is the Best Harry Potter Character


Why Harry Potter named one of his kids after Severus Snape instead of Rubeus Hagrid is a mystery I will never be able to solve. Hagrid is by far the person who cared the most about Harry’s well-being. He also — and this is a more controversial statement — is the best character in the whole series. Here’s why.

He is more loving towards animals than almost anybody.

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He literally refers to himself as his pets’ “mummy.” Between Norbert, Aragog, Fang, Fluffy, and the slew of other animals he’s cared for, Hagrid’s love for animals speaks volumes about his character.

He was Harry Potter’s first friend in the universe.

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Hagrid rescued Harry Potter from his horrible aunt, uncle, and cousin. He gave him the love he hadn’t received since his parents were killed. If that weren’t enough, he purchased all of Harry’s school supplies and bought him Hedwig as a birthday gift.

He even made Harry a birthday cake.

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Who cares if he spelled it “Happee Birthdae Harry?” At least he got Harry’s name right. Anyone so thoughtful as to give a little orphan boy his own birthday cake is a sweetheart in my book.

Not to mention, he’s the one who told Harry he was a wizard.

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Without Hagrid, there’s no Harry Potter series. Harry never finds out he’s a wizard and lives in pain for the rest of his life under that cupboard. Ron and Hermione never get close because they don’t have Harry as a buffer friend. Ginny stays single forever. Snape’s job is far easier. The list goes on.

He’s a total romantic.

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Look how cute he is, trying to make a move on Madame Maxime. He totally had a shot with her, too, if only he hadn’t implied that she was a giantess. Which segues rather well into my next point…

More often than not, he says the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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Hagrid is quite graceless, divulging information to schoolchildren that even grown-up wizards shouldn’t have access to. But that’s okay — it only makes him more charming and funny.

He was the one who carried Harry’s body after he was “killed.”

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You can feel the pain in his eyes. Hagrid cared so much about Harry. This was probably one of the hardest things for him to do, but he stood tall and held poor Harry as if he were his own son.

Basically, he’s a big ol’ teddy bear.

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Hagrid is the kindest character J. K. Rowling has ever written. He is a total softie with genuine compassion, humanity, and zero ulterior motives. Of course he’s a giant — the size of his heart couldn’t fit in anyone else.