Man greets new daughter, honors cop who saved his life


It was a day he didn’t know if he’d see.

Reports the Daily News, Lt. Manny Kwo of the NYPD announced the birth of his daughter Willow this past Saturday. On Twitter, he thanked the man who saved his life: Sgt. Paul J. Tuozzolo.

Tuozzolo saved Kwo’s live during a shoot-out in the Bronx back in 2016. An ex-con named Manuel Rosales shot at Tuozzolo and Kwo from his Jeep, and Tuozzolo gave Kwo the warning to get out of the line of fire. Had he not shouted at Kwo to duck, Kwo believes he would not be alive right now. Unfortunately, Tuozzolo was shot and killed. His widow, Lisa, plans to involve her two children in Willow’s life.

“Thank you for being my hero & angel that day,” Kwo Tweeted. “B’cuz of you, I got to meet my angel, my daughter, Willow.”