A record number of women are running for Congress in Texas primaries


A huge number of women in Texas are standing up against Trump, and running for elected office. On Tuesday, there will be 50 women running for Congress in Texas. Furthermore, 110 Texan women are seeking local office, setting a record in a state that normally leans heavily on male representatives.

Currently, Texas only has three female congressional representatives out of thirty-six members.

Even women who used to support Trump have decided to cut ties, and throw their hat in the ring. Gina Ortiz is one of Texas’s 50 women running for Congress, but she is also an ex-administrative director for Trump in the Office of U.S Trade Representative. Ortiz, an openly gay veteran whose mother immigrated from the Philippines, left her position with Trump and decided to run as a Democrat instead. She believes that Trump has taken actions that are “harmful to women and minority groups”.